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Mysterious death of German woman in Mt Pelion; police investigates

A German woman was found dead in the yard of the house where she lived with her husband in Milina village on the Pelion Mt. in central Greece. Her death was initially attributed to “pathological causes” until autopsy found out that she was shot in the back.

Initial doctors’ reports claimed that the 59-year-old German victim died of “sudden pathological. It was only after an autopsy nine days later that the death was attributed to homicide as the coroner found a bullet stuck in her body.

A blunt trauma caused damage to the heart and the left lung, the autopsy report declared among others.

According to a police statement, the German woman was found dead on July 24.

The Forensic Service of Larissa attributes the death of the 58-year-old German tourist, whose death was initially attributed to a sudden natural causes, to a penetrating wound caused by a revolver bullet in the chest, causing damage to the heart and lungs, local media reported on Wednesday, August 2, 2023.

According to local information, the woman was dead 4-5 hours before her husband found her at 8 o’ clock in the evening and informed authorities.

The bullet from the weapon used by the perpetrator remained in the body of the victim.

The 59-year-old woman was wearing a bathing suit, a cooking apron and slippers, while her lifeless body was found on the cement of the yard.

The body was transferred, from the beach of Milina in southern Pelion, initially to the Health Center in Argalasti where they confirmed her death, stating that it was due to “sudden pathological causes.”

The Police ordered an autopsy, the body was taken to the Forensic Service of Larisa, where, after a delay of several days due to workload, it was determined that the death was a homicide.

“Quiet people”

The 59-year-old victim was born in Zeilbrucken and her name was given with the initials B.S. where B may stand for her family name.

The couple was living in the area for some 15 years.

“They were very quiet people with twin girls; they didn’t work here but had a company in Germany,” the president of Milina community told local media.

Police Investigations

As soon as the real causes of death became known, the police began investigations.

According to local media, investigation is focused on the family members and friends of the victim. Information indicates that the victim’s husband, also a German national aged 61, is already being interrogated, however no official announcement was made by the Police, so far.

So far, neither the weapon, a 22-mm pistol nor a cartridge have been found. Police takes into consideration also the possibility that the woman may have been killed by a “stray bullet.”

As the house the German couple was renting for their summer vacations is close to the beach, police has scanned boats and also the sea bottom , however, without any results, news website reported.

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