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Hundreds of locals march in Rhodes demanding firefighting resources, compensation, reforestation (video)

Hundreds of residents of Rhodes demonstrated in front of the Town Hall of the island’s capital on Tuesday night, in wake of the 12-day wildfire. They demanded better firefighting resources on the island, reforestation and compensations to farmers, breeders, businesses and workers.

A peaceful protest gathering, for the harsh test our island experienced from the nightmare of fires for 12 consecutive days, is taking place at this time in the square of the Town Hall.

The demonstration was attended by hundreds of young people and volunteers from all over the island of Rhodes, who helped day and night to save our island, local newspaper reported.

Protesters’ main demand are the reforestation procedures of the burned areas, compensations for the livestock breeders and farmers who suffered serious damages, as well as the safeguarding of the workers, businesses and home owners who lost their jobs and properties respectively, they told the newspaper.

“They, like the entire Rhodian people, also demand that the mistakes and omissions be identified, that the responsibilities be attributed as well as a new plan that will shield the island against similar fires and natural disasters.”

Shortly after 20:00, a large part of of demonstrators started marching towards the center of the city.

It is worth noting that the event was “tarnished” by small groups who shouted highly abusive messages about the person of the mayor of Rhodes, while some of them headed to the hotel complex belonging to the mayor’s family, creating incidents and shouting highly abusive slogans about him .

Another group also entered the offices of the South Aegean Regional Government under conditions of tension, an event for which there was a strong reaction from officials of the regional authority, as well as employees who in their statements characterized the behavior as extremely thuggish and dangerous.

According to information, the public prosecutor’s office of Rhodes was also informed of the incident.

PS with over 20,000 acres burned due to Rhodes wildfire, no wonder that locals are afraid of possible floods in autumn and winter.

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  1. I totally support the Rhodes people demands! Use the money to help them, not to sponsor turist travel. The turists have their homes and income safe, the poor fire victims have not!! Of course, the turist industry is very important but the inhabitants must come first, they have a challenging autumn and winter ahead!