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Greece and Israel to work closely in defence industry R&D, says Minister Dendias

Greece intends to “enrich” its cooperation with the Israeli defense industry, for the mutual benefit of society and the economy in both countries, Defense Minister Nikos Dendias stressed after meeting his Israeli counterpart Yoav Gallant in Tel Aviv on Monday.

“We will work very closely with Israel in research and development,” Dendias said, adding that Greece is trying to create an ecosystem similar to that of Israel, with collaboration between the armed forces, the ministry and defence industry companies.

Greece and Israel have developed a “strategic relationship” based on friendship, a common vision and the goal of a “secure environment of prosperity in our broader region,” the Greek minister added.

“Today, we had the opportunity to reaffirm our common goal and the desire to expand and deepen our strategic defense cooperation,” Dendias said.

“Defense relations between our countries have been made stronger through joint military exercises and training of the Armed Forces but also through an exchange of knowhow and experiences.”

The minister said the discussion during his meeting with Gallant had also covered the situation in Ukraine and he made it clear that Greece opposes “every attempt to change borders through the use of force and considers aggressive revisionism the biggest challenge we face in our region.”

He repeiterated that “Greece supports initiatives for stability and security in the Eastern Mediterranean.”

Gallant spoke of “strong bonds of cooperation” between the two countries and said that “Israel and Greece join their hands, securing stability and security in the broader region.”

He noted that defense cooperation between Greece and Israel “touches on many sectors” and that cooperation between the defense industries of the two countries contributed to both security and their economies.

Gallant also offered his condolences for the deaths of the two Canadair pilots killed while fighting a fire on the island of Evia last month.

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