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Genetic material at Chania reproduction clinic to be preserved

Steps will be taken to preserve the genetic material held in cryo-storage at the assisted reproduction clinic based in Chania on the island of Crete,  head of the Hellenic Authority for Medically Assisted Reproduction Nikolaos Vrachnis said on Friday. Owner of the controversial clinic, medical and other personnel have been arrested on charges of illegal adoptions, trafficking of surrogate mothers and illegal reproduction method.

Speaking to state-run news agency amna, Vrachnis said that the authority had contacted the gynecologist who was the deputy scientific officer at the unit, its embryologists and administrative staff to ensure that measures are taken to preserve the genetic material stored there and complete all the medical procedures that are underway.

He also clarified that the authority, whose Supervisory Board was established in May 2021, has not received any complaints regarding the specific unit.

Several staff, including doctors, at the specific clinic were among nine people arrested by Greek authorities earlier in the week, on charges of organizing illegal adoptions, trafficking of “surrogate” mothers – mostly poor foreign women –  and illegal reproduction methods  – See more details on KTG’s post here.

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