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Gavdos municipality at odds with nudists at Sarakiniko beach (POLL)

The Municipality of the small island of Gavdos is at odds with nudists in Sarakiniko beach. Their “fight” is daily as the mayor sets up signs warning that “Nudism is prohibited” and these signs are being removed by those who love to enjoy the sun and the sea on their naked skin.

Media report of a “daily phenomenon” since the beginning of summer when the signs against nudism were installed.

In the latest announcement by the mayor, Lilian Stefanaki, entitled “Nudism and the law of the powerful” it is noted that “the Municipality of Gavdos implements the decision of the Municipal Council and the request of the local community for the existence of one of at least ten beaches on the island where each citizen, local or visitor, will be able to enjoy it equally.”.

According to local media, the Municipality announced that on August 15, “three people, two women and one man, well-known vacationers on the island, were spotted by Municipality people while they were destroying the signs that had been placed, regarding the prohibition of nudity on the beach of Sarakinikos, and proceeded against the law actions.”

ΜIn winter, 80-100 people live in Gavdos, with less than 50 locals. In the summer, several thousand visitors come to the island, with a large number of them feeling that by coming and returning to the unique paradise that is the island, they gain more rights and opinion on local matters than the “reclusive” locals. They know our good, the good of the island and they will protect us.

Recently, there has been a great disturbance between the local community and holidaymakers over the issue of nudism on this particular beach, where there are permanent residences and holiday homes as well as most of the island’s shops.

For the systematic destruction of the specific signs, the Municipality of Gavdos has previously filed complaints for damage to public property.

The signs were immediately restored to inform all visitors.

It should be recalled that nudists at Sarakiniko have been there since ages, at least since the early 1990’s.


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  1. Nudisten – so Gott uns schuf!! Auf Antiparos war das kein Problem. Oder hat das sich durch amerikanische Promis geändert?

    • I daresay the yank celebs go naked on their various yachts.

      Personally I find public nudity rather “iffy” but if a small minority want to be naked on holiday, then stick to where it is authorised.

  2. Typically countries make “indecent behaviour” illegal but whether nudity is indecent is a matter of opinion.

    Most places seem to solve the problem by allocating an area away from the main beach and simply tolerate nudism there. Everybody knows the area where the nudists are so if you don’t want to see naked people stay away from that area. If nudists deliberately ignore the convention and insist on being naked on the main part of the beach they have only themselves to blame if they provoke a reaction. If people think they have the right to do or say whatever they want then they have to accept that other people also have the right to react however they want.

    • I don’t think that the issue here is whether nudism on beaches is acceptable or not. The issue is that the visitors need to understand that they are guests and no matter what they think or believe, the wishes of the people who live on Gavdos permanently is what should prevail.

  3. I’m not into nudism and don’t want it to be generaly allowed. But I think on an island like Gavdos, at least one beach should be designed for nudism. If Sarakino was the one, then why now prohibit it?