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Bodies of 18 people found in Dadia forest that is on fire

The charred bodies of at least 18 people have been found in Dadia forest that has been on fire since Monday afternoon, the Fire Service announced on Tuesday.

The bodies were found in two spots of the dense forest near the village of Avantas in Evros, north-eastern Greece.

Fire Service inspectors and a coroner are heading to the area, reported.

“The bodies were found near some huts and as there are no alerts of missing people in the area, it is possible that they were irregular migrants, who entered the country illegally,” fire Service spokesman Giannis Artopoios announced.

He added that the Civil Protection sent evacuation messages in time on time, when the fire broke out on Monday.

Avantas is one of the dozens of villages and settlements that were evacuated in the area.

Video: Fire in Dadia Forest

Monday night, the charred body of a man was found also in Dadia forest with authorities suspecting that it belonged to a migrant.

Some news websites claimed that the number of bodies found in Dadias were 26.

Police and military forces in Evros are on the highest level of alert to intercept even the slightest attempt by irregular immigrants to cross into Greece, website noted.

*thumbnail: picture from the fire in Dadia forest in July 2022.

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