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Albanian national “arrests” migrants in Greece, accusing them for wildfires (video)

A video with a racist delirium depicts a man going out into the streets of Alexandroupolis in northern Greece, “arresting” migrants and refugees, as if he was the local …sheriff!

The man, an Albanian national and well-known constructor in the area, and well as two Greek accomplices have been detained by the Greek authorities.

In this shocking video, the man showed the confining a group of 13 undocumented migrants -as he claimed – within a cargo trailer, which was being towed by a 4×4 vehicle.

He accuses immigrants and refugees of setting the fires, incites others to a racist pogrom, calling them to get organized and imitate him.

He is heard saying about the migrants on the video “I have 25 pieces! Come and get them!”


“They will burn us, these b@@@@s, they will burn us. In a ride through Hili, I loaded 25 pieces. See? 25 pieces, the b@@@rds. The whole mountain is full, guys. The whole mountain has been filled f@@K their madness, f@@@ it. They’re sworn to burn us. Bushes are full of them  everywhere, that’s what I’m telling you guys. Get organized, Let’s all go out and collect them. They will burn us, that’s all I’m telling you.”

The video has triggered an unprecedented racism and hatred outbreak in the comments section, with Greek users urging him “to burn them” or “drawn them with the trailer into the sea.”

They all blame migrants in general for the many fire fronts in the country, especially in North Greece. Among the blamers are also MPs from the nationalist party Greek Solution.

The son of the Albanian in custody is reported to candidate with a local New Democracy Mayor candidate in the upcoming local elections.

As the incident coincided with the finding of 18 people charred in the forest fire in Dadia, Evros, racists and false patriots claimed that the 16 men and two children, had started the fire in the forest, got trapped and died.

This is not an isolated though, since in the last few days far-right circles have been circulating the rumors that the immigrants who cross the border are responsible for the fires, creating a very negative climate against them.


Apart from the Albanian vehicle owner, two more Greeks have been apprehended and are currently under detention due to their suspected involvement in aiding the Albanian.

The individuals under suspicion have been handed over to the Greek judicial authorities for further action.

The migrants were reportedly from Syria and Pakistan, and their whereabouts after the detentions are not known.

It is clear, therefore, that some have decided to go from social media words to “deeds” and act as self-appointed “border guard.”

The incident raises very serious questions about the attitude of the State organs.

Both ministers of Citizens’ Protection and Migration made short statements that “Greece is a state of law” and that “such behaviors will not be tolerated.”

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  1. We had similar problem with local Greeks in Attica. Making campfire is forbidden by those “sherrifs”. Fucking racist!!!

  2. I am an Albanian guy and I wish I could have this guy in my hands just for 20 minutes. The bastard already forgot how much we Albanians have suffered by coming to greece walking and being beaten non stop from the border military’s or how many albanians grave are still unknown so far being kill by those greek soldiers just for fun! I have experienced many form of tortures from the military inside Greek border and I was just 13 year old ! This guy , that I hope we find out where he lives is going the same greeks did to his people! Abomination!