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25 migrants rescued from burning Dadia forest

A group of twenty-five people, believed to be undocumented migrants, has been rescued from the burning forest of Dadia in Evros region, north-eastern Greece, where a wildfire has been raging for the 14th consecutive day.

The group was reportedly located in a burning part of the forest between Dadia and Giannouli villages.

A team of firefighters and volunteers opened a passage so that the people could exit in safety.

Police officers safely transported the people to Dadia village, state media reported on Friday afternoon.

They have been further transferred to an identification center for registration.

According to state broadcaster ERT, police is to investigate how the group managed to reach that specific area that has been on fire since a couple of days.

The body of an alleged migrant was found on Thursday also in the burning forest of Dadia, ERT reported adding that it had no burning injuries and probably died of pathological causes.

A total of twenty charred bodies, believed to be migrants who had crossed the Turkey-Greece border, were found in the same forest of Dadia in the last days of August. Among the bodies were also those of two children.

The fire in the area keeps raging out of control also on Friday.

Video: Fire between Giannouli and Soufli, earlier on Friday.

582 firefighters with 129 engines and 16 firefighter-teams on foot are operating on the ground, while   6 water-dropping aircraft and 2 helicopters assist from the air.

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