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Gruesome death of butcher shop worker in the grinder

A 50-year-old woman found a gruesome death in a butcher shop in Messolonghi, western Greece, on Friday. She was caught into the mincing machine she was cleaning and died of extensive bleeding.

The tragedy took place in front of the eyes of her 14-year-old daughter who was accompanying her mother in the work.

The butcher shop was closed during the incident and it looks as if mother and daughter were alone in the shop.

The horrified daughter reportedly rushed to the street calling for help, passersby rushed into the shop but there was nothing they could do.

Police, firefighters and an ambulance rushed to the scene, where they reportedly needed approximately two hours to free the woman from the grinder.

Initially media reported that the woman’s hair was caught into the grinder and she tried to free herself with her hand that was ultimately also caught in the machine.

According to local media, first estimates suggested that it was either a mishandling during the cleaning or the woman lost her balance and her elbow  was “caught” by the machine and literally “sucked” her, killing her instantaneously.

The exact circumstances of the woman’s death are being investigated by police that has still to evaluate footage from a CCTV camera installed inside the shop, state ERT TV reported.

On Saturday morning, police arrested the 30-year-old butcher for violations of labor safety measures and homicide without intent.

The victim, a divorcee and a mother of two underage children, was a migrant from Albania who was struggling with several works to make ends meet.

She was working at the butcher shop as a cleaner since last month.

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