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Toll hikes in Greece’s highways as of 1.1.2024

Higher toll fees at frontal and lateral toll stations, or major and auxiliary roads, increased on specific roads in Greece as of January 1, 2024, following earlier announcements by concessionaires.

In relation to the Olympia Odos concession, the new fees implemented for vehicles affect the following highways: Patras-Athens, Antirrio-Ioannina, Corinth-Tripolis-Kalamata and the Lefktro-Sparta section, as well as the Rio-Antirrio bridge.

Price hikes include private cars, motorcycles, buses, and trucks.

A sample of new car tolls are as follows (frontal toll stations):

  • – Patras-Athens, 12.60 euros (from 11.80 euros)
  • – Rio, 2.40 euros
  • – Kiato, 2.50 euros
  • – Isthmus, 1.90 euros
  • – Elefsina, 2.30 euros

Car tolls at lateral stations are as follows:

  • – Akrata, 1.30 euros
  • – Derveni, 1.40 euros
  • – Kiato, 0.90 euros
  • – Aghii Theodoroi, 0.60 euros

At Antirrio-Ioannina, car tolls rose to 13.70 euros (from 12.75 euros), at Menidi to 3.25 euros, and at the lateral tolls of Menidi, 3.25 euros.

Moreas SA announced that the Corinth-Tripolis-Kalamata tolls for a car rose to 10.80 euros (from 10.05), while the Corinth-Tripolis and Lefktro-Sparti branch rose to 11.90 euros (from 11.05).

Other indicative price changes include Kalamata frontal tolls rising to 2.05 euros, while Gefyra SA said the Rio-Antirrio bridge tolls for cars are 14.70 euros one way (cars with a handicapped sticker pay 5.00 euros)

Meanwhile, Aegean Motorway SA announced that tolls at frontal stations are as follows for cars: Pelasgia, 3.70 euros and Leptokarya 8.60 euros, among others. At lateral toll stations, fees are as follows: Glyfa 2.80 euros, Velestino 1.30 euros, Kileler 2.60 euros, Gyrtoni 0.80 euro, Platamonas 0.70 euro, and Leptokarya 1.90 euros.

Note that highway managing companies initially wanted to raise the tolls already in September 2023.


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