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“Cave-people with arrows”? Palaio-Christians family arrested (VID)

Members of a religious community they call themselves “Palaio-Christians, “Early-Christians” or Old-Christians that is, were arrested a few days ago for the possession of weapons, among them arrows and axes, air rifles and makeshift bows and rifles, shotgun shells as well as one military-grade rifle with two magazines.

Arrested were four member of a family, three adults and a minor, after a scuffle with police officers following a complain by a local who claimed the 45-year-old family father has set his car on fire. During the police raid, the family members resisted arrest and attempted to flee through a tunnel in their plot, while one officer was injured after being hit with a wooden bat.

The four were released pending trial.

Furthermore, police were surprised to find out that the family in Manna by Corinth has been living with their four children aged 22, 14, 6 and 1,  in primitive conditions in a makeshift hut made of mud and straw, without electricity and drinking water.

In the land plot they bought about three years ago, they have dug an underground hovel with a 30-meter-long tunnel leading to a ravine,”for their own protection” as they said.

In a depth of 6 meters they have carved a small church according similar to those build underground by the members of the religious sect.

Before moving in the plot four years ago, the family was living and working in Athens.


Initially the news o Greek media was entitled “Cave-people with arrows” until reporters rushed to speak with the “wild humans” or they appeared on TV screens invited by popular TV

The “Cave-people” had not long beards and no weird tails, they did not wear animal skins but normal cloths.

Manolis and Sevasti in media interviews probably with mobiles reporters gave them.

Speaking to media and showing them around, the people described themselves as “Palaio-Christians” who left the urban environment in order to live like their grandfathers did: grow their own food, have their own animals, let their children grow up in a healthy environment away from the city pollution.

They considered a life without electricity and other facilities as the alternatives and cited examples from the life-style of the Amish in USA, the kibbutz in Israel and the Old-Faithful in Russia.

“We live traditionally like all people in Abraham’s religions,” the father said.

Their community by Corinth consisted of ten people, 6 of them being children, while two women, also members of the same community moved there from another area in order to help the family after the police raid. The mother is pregnant in her fifth child.

The children do not attend school, “they used to in the past but now we teach them here,” mother Sevasti told Mega TV.

“In winter there is not access to a vehicle here, so it is difficult for the children to school,” the father added.

And anyway they do not accept the education system, he said stressing “we are not Greeks because Greeks were pagans. We are Rums,” father Manolis said hinting to follow the doctrines before the Schism between the East and Western Churches.

“We are a religious minority, we don’t have to send our children to school,” he claimed although a long path will be needed to have the community of Palaio-Christians officially recognized as such.

He said that there were four such communities across Greece.

sources: ethnos, iefimerida , newsit and others

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