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Prosecutor orders review on Kasselakis income sources

A prosecutor ordered a review of SYRIZA leader Stefanos Kasselakis’ source-of-income declarations (pothen esches) for possible violation of the law, it was announced on Tuesday.

The order for the review will focus on whether Kasselakis violated the law on asset declarations, particularly regulations forbidding Greek leaders of parliamentary parties from holding administrative positions or sharing in the capital of companies based abroad.

Ιt should be recalled that the platform for pothen esches declarations for politicians for the year 2023 has not opened. Kasselakis appeared in the Greek political landscape in August 2023 and furthermore he is not a member of the Parliament but just a party leader elected by the party members.

The move follows media reports on a loan of 250,000 euros Kasselakis made to the party to pay salaries of employees in the SYRIZA’s media. The funding came from a company he owns in the United States.

The loan was reportedly given for the payment of Christmas bonus and December salaries.

According to recent statements by the party’s newly fired financial officer, the loan was unnecessary since the wages had already been paid, therefore the loan was returned on January 4, 2024.

Kasselakis commented that ‘they can send as many prosecutors they want, his finances are clear and he has been taxed in the USA till the last dollar.

Note that the first media reports on the loan were published in December.

It must have been a pour coincidence that the order for Kasselakis’ review was announced the same day, another prosecutor announced he will investigate a possible violation of the law on personal data and official confidentiality after an unspecified number of emails of Greeks abroad came into the possession of New Democracy MEP Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou.


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