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Kolonos minor’s pimping: Court finds main defendant “guilty”, acquits victim’s mother

A court in Athens found the main defendant in the pimping case of the 12-year-old girl in Kolonos guilty of rape and pimping and the girl’s mother innocent. 16 other defendants were found also guilty.

The Mixed Jury Court of Athens did not adopt the outrageous prosecutor’s proposal and ruled that the 55-year-old Ilias Michos was guilty of abuse of a minor under the age of 14, pornography of a minor (possessing and distributing the material through computer systems), pimping and illegal possession of weapons and ammunition. He was acquitted of trafficking a minor.

Michos was found guilty of the rape of a 12-year-old girl, by a majority of five votes to two, with the court rejecting the prosecutor’s recommendation for acquittal.

Following this verdict, he now faces a sentence of life imprisonment.

For the mother of the young victim, the court unanimously acquitted her of charges of pornography and of pimping by a majority of four votes to three. She was found guilty only of blackmail at a misdemeanor level.

A third defendant identified as ‘Michalis’ was found guilty of pimping and child pornography and acquitted of sexually molesting a minor.

Of the remaining defendants charged in connection with the case, the court found 16 of the ‘clients’ guilty of the crime of sexual intercourse with a minor for a fee, which carries a sentence of 15 years imprisonment and a fine. One was also found guilty of child pornography and six were acquitted.

It should be recalled that the young victim was placed under immense pressure including life threats and harassment by “unknown perpetrators” the police did not identified.

Michos was a member of the local branch of the ruling party ND and close to local church and loved to post pictures of him with ND officials on social media.

There was strong suspicion that there were attempts to cover-up and blamed the 12-year-old for everything and claiming it was the child’s own decision to work as prostitute.

Tension outside the court

Tension prevailed upon the arrival of the defendants at the court by a group of people who had gathered to express support to the young victim and her mother.

“You have money, we have voice. No to cover-up for every rapist.”

Holding banners, the crowd reportedly booed and shouted slogans and some threw water bottles and stones at the defendants who had to run to the court accompanied by police officers, as an ERT video showed.

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Some of the victim’s supporters clashed with police.

PS Mean Greeks now wonder what happened with the rest of 200 suspects police had initially announced.

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