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Shocking Femicide outside a police station in Athens suburb

A 28-year-old woman was stabbed to death by her 39-year-old ex-partner  outside a police station in Agioi Anargyroi suburb of north-western Athens on Monday night. It is the fourth case of femicide in Greece since the beginning of 2024.

The victim had gone to local police station and reported that her life was in danger. She asked for an escort to go home, but police told her that they didn’t have a police car available. They advised her to call police emergency number.

She left on foot and while she was outside the station talking to emergency 100 asking for a car, her ex-partner attacked her with a knife, state broadcaster ERT reported.

He stabbed her several times and she died on the spot.

The perpetrator then turned the knife against him and injured himself.

Video: a few minutes after the stabbing: victim is surrounded by police officers.

An eye-witness told that the attacker was stabbing the woman several times and he was shouting “I’ll kill you!”

The perpetrator is currently being treated in a psychiatric hospital in Athens under police guard.

According to media reports, the victim was in relation with her murderer in 2019 and in 2020 she filed against him for violence and rape. She was granted a restraining order.

It appears that the two had an on-and-off contact and she had ultimately finished the relationship about two months ago. She was supporting the man financially. “He was a lazy thug,” her father told Star TV.

On Monday night the woman went to police to ask for help after she spotted her ex-partner outside her home and therefore she went to police with a friend.

According to media, the officer on duty took down her details and her complaint, but said there were no cars available to escort her back home and advised a call to the 100 emergency dispatch number.

Police launched an internal investigation as there are strong reactions in the society and by opposition parties about the handling of the case by the police and serious questions are raised about the reflexes of the police officers.

Note that it was initially reported that the femicide took place about 100 meters away form the police station.

Later it was revealed that the victim was standing outside the station next to the guard’s post that was apparently empty.

She was stabbed on the back multiple times, and the operator on 100 service was listening the screams live.

Police statement on Femicide

Greek Police issued a statement on Tuesday in which it actually stressed that there are police officers trained to deal with cases of domestic violence and there is also the service of the panic bottom.

At around 22:10 yesterday (April 1, 2024), the victim went with a person familiar to her to the Agioi Anargyroi Police Station, where she described incidents that had taken place against her in the past by her ex-partner and which she had reported to the Police. At the same time, she described that on the previous and the same day she found that her ex-partner was moving outside her home.

During her stay at the Station, she did not file a complaint against him, expressing the desire to be transported by a patrol car to her home.

On her way out of the Police Department she called the Immediate Action Service, and nearby, while talking to an operator, in the presence of her friend,  she was suddenly attacked by her ex-partner, who fatally wounded her with a knife and then he injured himself.

The perpetrator was arrested and is being treated under guard in a psychiatric hospital in Athens.

It is emphasized that since 2020 a guide has been prepared for handling cases of domestic violence, which have been drawn up in collaboration with prosecutorial authorities. These protocols have been sent to all police agencies dealing with domestic violence cases and are constantly being updated.

The protocols form the basis of ongoing training of police personnel.

In fact, at the moment there are 18 operational offices for dealing with domestic violence throughout the country, two of which are in Western Attica. Already, another 45 are being created, so that there is one in each Police Department.

In addition, from 2023 victims have access to the special application of direct and timely notification of the Police with the possibility of geolocation (Panic Button).

It should be noted that the General Police Directorate of Attica ordered a Sworn Administrative Examination, in order to investigate the actions of the police officers who were charged in the case“.

According to latest media information, the victim’s parents were informed about their daughter’s death by a journalist and not by the police, still 12 hours later.
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