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MyCoast: Greece’s app to report violations at the beaches

A digital application named “MyCoast” facilitates beach-goers in Greece to directly report violations of beach access regulations by those putting umbrellas and sunbeds on the coastline.

The application was introduced to public by the Ministry of Digital Governance on Monday morning.

“MyCoast” allows users to lodge complaints regarding instances where tourist establishments exceed their allotted space for umbrella seating on the beach or engage in unauthorized occupation without the requisite concession agreement.

Using geolocation features, users can pinpoint the exact location of a suspected violation. Once identified, the app provides comprehensive information, including the designated location, lease duration, and the permitted coverage area outlined in the licensing agreement.

Complainants have the option to submit reports either under their name, using their Taxisnet username and password, or anonymously.

The app can be downloaded free of charge by citizens so that they can file complaints of unencumbered coastal encroachment or concession violations.
The app is already ready for use at the App Store and will be available at Google Play as of Monday evening, April 24, 2024, ministers of digital Governance, Dimitris Papastergiou, and National Economy & Finance, Kostis Hatzidakis, stressed during the presentation.

Municipalities, the Police and Properties State Services are in charge to conduct inspections.

Fines for regulation violations range between 2,000 and 60,000 euros and penalties such as suspension of the concession.

The ministers recalled the “Beach Towel – Free Beaches” movement in several islands last summer that lead to 4,500 inspections while 1,750 violations were found.
Fined for violation of good taste? Nobody knows….
The Minister stressed that they “want to create a social alliance between authorities and the society in favor of environmental protection.”

How app “MyCoast” works

By opening the application, the citizen should locate the area of interest either by searching on the map of the application or by “scanning” the QR code of the concession, which will be mandatory posted on a sign on the beach.

As soon as the area is located, data of the concession and its details (location, start – end, use, area) are displayed on the mobile screen.

If the citizen detects arbitrary land occupation or obstruction of free access, he can submit the aforementioned complaints through the application, selecting the specific concession or the specific point on the map, if there is no active concession.

The user specifies the reason for the complaint, enters a brief description of the problem and chooses whether the complaint will be submitted anonymously or by name. In the latter case, its connection with personal taxisnet codes is required to complete the process.

It is noted that only one complaint, per type of complaint, can be submitted on the same day from the same device and for the same concession, as well as that the complaint can be submitted from a mobile device located near the point of said concession.

If it is not possible to submit a complaint through the application, complaints are made by any other suitable means before any public authority, which is obliged to forward it on the same day to the competent properties state service, state broadcaster ERT reported.

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  1. I guess the app is only available in the Greek AppStore, as I cannot find it.
    And if I could I am pretty sure it wil only work with the Greek tax id…

  2. Is the Mycoast app just for domestic user’s in Greece..not on Play store for Android.

  3. Brilliant idea .
    Let’s hope it works so beaches can be enjoyed by everyone.
    AGAIN !

  4. They track device and location. Not anonymous then.