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Rainstorm floods the center of Thessaloniki, North Greece (videos)

Streets turned into rivers in the center of Thessaloniki on Thursday afternoon as a heavy rainstorm hit Greece’s second biggest city.

The rainstorm caused not only traffic chaos but it also uprooted trees and flooded houses and businesses.

Fire Service and Police have so far received over 50 calls for help and water pumping.

Traffic jams occurred in flooded streets of the city center that resembled rather to torrents than to asphalted roads.

A man was reportedly swept away from the waters and people rushed to help him and rescued him in the last minute.

Fire Service teams rushed to rescue a woman and her child from their car trapped in the rushing waters as well as elderly woman trapped in her flooded home.

As the rainfall continues, the Fire Service expects that the calls for help will rise.

Prior to the rain storm that lasted over one and a half hour, hail fell in the city.

Angry businessmen who saw the water flooding their shops complained to local media that nobody came to their help and asked whether they would come if there would be victims.

A friend of mine, a resident of Thessaloniki, described the phenomenon as “unprecedented” and said it was raining not only “cats and dogs but also pandas, tigers and the half of the animal kingdom.”

Greek meteorologists have warned of locally heavy rainfalls on Thursday and Friday, May 9-10, 2024.

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  1. How is the stormwater runoff and management system there? Is it sufficient for what we all know if coming, ah, I mean here? Exactly. Build, build, build, then whine and complain when the results of all of that building arrive.