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Boy remains hospitalized after heavy steel door at school falls on him

A 9-year-old elementary school boy remains hospitalized with a hematoma in the head and fractured spine after a 100-kilogram steel gate fell on him a day earlier, at noon on Tuesday.

Three people have been arrested.

The incident took place around 1:30 p.m. when the boy and two other children were exiting the 3rd Elementary School in Kifissia, suburb of northern Athens.

The boy reportedly passed out and was transferred with ambulance to a hospital, the other two children suffered minor injuries.

The workers had installed the new gate steel door while the pupils during the lunch break and left.

Police arrested the two workers and the contractor and prepared a case file. They are to appear before of the prosecutor later today.

The Municipality of Kifissia that is in charge for the school buildings announced early Wednesday afternoon that it canceled the contract with the specific contractor but this has not convinced the angry parents who are highly concerned about their chidren safety.

Parents, teachers and pupils gathered outside the Council Hall on Wednesday morning to protest the incident. They told ANT1 TV that the worst was avoided because the injured boy was “protected” by his back bag.

They blamed the school, the contractor, the workers and the municipality for the incident.

Those directly or indirectly involved reportedly deny any responsibility with the contractor claiming that the work was not concluded and the school management to claim that he handed out the keys to the new door and left.

Parents argue that the contractor left without putting safety warning signs.

In an announcement the Children Hospital of Penteli said that the boy is out of danger and will remain hospitalized for further observation and control checks.

According to state broadcaster ERT, in addition to the 9-year-old boy, a mother who rushed to help him was also slightly injured.

It is not the first time – and it probably won’t be the last – that school children are being injured due to negligence and absence of maintenance.

Ceilings break down in class rooms, railings fall, naked electricity wires electrocute students and school lunches with staphylococcus send dozens to hospitals.

Earlier in May, a six-year-old boy in Fthiotida, Central Greece, was injured when a steel door at his school fell on him.

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