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“MyCoast” app: 1,900 beach violations complaints

More than 1,900 complaints about beach violations have been submitted, so far, through the mobile app “MyCoast” introduced by the Greek government since late April.

MyCoast” app allows users to file complaints about tourist establishments that exceed their allotted space for umbrella seating on the beach or engage in unauthorized occupation without the required concession agreement.

The possibility for citizens’ complain has apparently ‘inpired’ Greeks to test the limits of the app and some has filed complaint about the non-existing beach and an alleged violation at Syntagma Square in downtown Athens.

According to media reports, most complaints pertain to violations in the Cyclades islands, the Dodecanese, and the Halkidiki peninsula.

Greek authorities will begin reviewing the complaints after the completion of the electronic auction process, though.

The deadline for this has been extended to June 28 to allow for the gradual completion of the remaining pending auctions.

Up to date, 959 auctions have been posted on the platform, with the total number expected to exceed 1,200 this year.

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