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Crowd in outrage tries to lynch murderer of 11-year-old girl

A crowd in outrage attempted to lynch the murderer of  11-year-old girl, Vasiliki, when police officers brought him to the prosecutor at the courthouse of Pyrgos on Tuesday morning.



The victim’s family, her mother and her sister, relatives, friends and members of the Myrtia community had gathered outside the court since early in the morning and waited for the 37-year-old murderer and uncle of the girl.

Shouting “murderer” the angry crowd approached the police car that arrived around 12 noon and tried to open the doors and take the man out, seeking a revenge for the brutal murder of the innocent girl Vassiliki.

Police had to fight body to body with the people in outrage.

Ultimately the police car left and took him back to local police headquarters.

It should be noted that after the latest developments, the prosecutor went to the police station for the 37-year-old, who is expected to plead guilty next Friday, June 11.

According to latest information by MEGA TV, the prosecutor raised charges of abduction of minor, murder with intent, rape attempt and illegal possession of a weapon.

A heinous crime

The 37-year-old man was arrested a few hours after Crow was reported missing by her mother. It was CCTV footage from the village bakery that showed him driving away with the girl on Sunday afternoon.

Another video shot by the victim’s mother, showed the girl washing the man’s car around 9 o clock in the evening. After that the girl decided to walk to her grandfather’s home nearby.

He confessed that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with the girl and tried to rape her but she wildly resisted and threatened to tell about the incident to her parents. He then grabbed a screwdriver he had in his car and stabbed the girl. He drove some 20 km away, threw the girl’s body in a field and covered it with reeds.

Forensic Examination

Forensics examination showed that the victim defended herself against the man and was stabbed in the heart and spleen.

Τhe body had no evidence of a rape.

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  1. I am in Greece and I heard about the 11 year old girl case. I support all those who protested and attacked that killer.