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Tourist faints waiting to visit the Acropolis

Α tourist waiting in line to visit the Acropolis of Athens fainted on Tuesday morning when temperature began to rise over 37 degrees Celsius at the start of a heatwave.

According to Action24 TV, it was short after 10 o’ clock in the morning and 33 degrees Celsius when the young woman  felt discomfort and passed out due to the heat.

She was waiting together with other tourists to enter the Acropolis.

Bystanders helped the young woman, placed her in the shade. sprayed her with water to make her feel better. A little later, the woman recovered and moved away from the area.

The Culture Ministry is considering to close the Acropolis at least during the hottest hours of the day as the heatwave is forecast to last until Friday, June 14. 2024.

During the heatwave in July 2023, the Acropolis and other archaeological sites were temporary closed to protect visitors.

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