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Greeks, Armenians call for boycott Turkish film ‘The Ottoman Lieutenant’ for denying genocides

A recently released Turkish-American film production The Ottoman Lieutenant has come under fire for its denial of the Greek, Armenian, and Assyrian genocide by the Ottoman forces in the beginning of 20th century. The Ottoman Lieutenant is a Turkish-American ‘World War I’ drama film directed by Joseph Ruben and written …

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Alexis Tsipras boycotts Greek EU Presidency official ceremony

Alexis Tsipras, leader of main opposition party left-wing SYRIZA and aspiring EU presidential candidate, will not attend the official ceremony of Greek EU Presidency tonight. Describing the ceremony as a “PR fiesta” SYRIZA criticizes the Greek government for the EU Presidency priorities as these do not include “a challenge” for …

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Thessaloniki: Political parties boycott National Day parade

Even the representative of Samaras’ coalition government party, he himself personally, the leader of PASOK, Evangelos Venizelos was absent from the traditional military parade to remember the OCHI-Day and commemorate, the No Greeks told the powers of Axis on 28th October 1940. There were some unconfirmed claims in the press …

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“Happy Autumn with Good Health” – Greece’s Insured Patients Have to Pay for Medicine and Visits to Doctors

“Happy Autumn with Good Health” This should be the wish exchange among Greeks, as September begins with troubles for the already troubled and austerity-hit patients. As if income decreases weren’t enough, now insured patients will have to pay from their own pockets for prescription medicine and visits to doctors. Pharmacists and assigned private doctors …

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Athenians Queue to Get Their Medicine in …Piraeus as Athens Pharmacists Boycott Greece’s Biggest Insurance Fund

Hundreds of distressed Athenians rush to stand line outside the pharmacies of the port city of Piraeus in order to get prescription medicine without having to pay it in advance from their own pockets. Reason for this incredible “population movement” is that the Athens Pharmacists Association continues to boycott the country’s unified …

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German SIXT Ads Claim Rent-a-Car, Pay in Drachmas

I think it’s high time we start boycotting some German companies in Greece and worldwide, specifically one. That is SIXT rent-a-car  for ‘misleading advertisement, deceiving consumers, lack of taste and … pure stupidity’.  The German management of the company had the genius inspiration to give the green light of an Ad …

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