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ESM Regling: “Varoufakis cost Greece 100 billion euro”

Head of the European Stability Mechanism Klaus Regling said that the cost for Greece for having Yanis Varoufakis as Finance Minister was 100 billion euro. In an interview to private Skai TV, Regling said that he estimates the cost for Greece to be 100 billion euro, “although there was no …

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Two young migrants attempt suicide in downtown Athens

A strange story: two young men from Pakistan, migrants attempted to ‘commit suicide’ in the middle Victoria Square in downtown Athens on Thursday noon. The two men had made loops from blouses and scarves and attempted to hang themselves from the trees on the square. Refugees and migrants hanging around …

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Greece and Russia sign Memorandum on Turkish Stream pipeline

All good on the Eastern Front. Greece and Russia signed a memorandum of cooperation on the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is going to meet President Vladimir Putin in the afternoon. The Greek delegation officially attends the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum. Friday morning, Russia and Greece …

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German economists: Greek debt haircut cheaper than Grexit … for Germany

Less than three weeks before elections in Greece and nervousness rises among the country’s lenders as  SYRIZA’s chances for a victory remain high and the left-wing party favors a debt haircut. The Grexit scenarios have grown wild as billions of euros in loans are at stake. Leading role in the …

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Guardian: Greek Euro Exit Would Cost 1 Trillion Euro

Thursday’s front page of British daily The Guardian is impressive. A huge number of  zeros lined up next to each other. An impossible eye-exercise for those suffering of astigmatism! How does one trillion euro look like? “Cost of Greek Euro Exit Put at 1 Trillion The British government is making urgent …

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Greece’s Elections 2012 Will Be €80 Million Cheaper Than in 2009

Elections are a rather expensive democratic procedure. Not matter if a country finds itself in the middle of a deep debt crisis. Therefore parliamentary elections scheduled to take place on May 6th 2012 will cost just 50 million euro. That is the early parliamentary elections of 2012 will be 80 million euro cheaper than those in …

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