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Stern: Majority of Germans would accept Grexit

What do Germans think of Grexit?  The financial situation of Greece has split the German public opinion. In a poll conducted for German weekly STERN, a narrow majority would accept Greece abandoning the eurozone. Whether the heavily indebted Greece will receive additional billion credits depends on the implementation of the …

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German Vice-Chancellor Gabriel (SPD) calls “stupid” Greece’s WWII reparations of €278.7billion

Germany’s economy minister, Merkel’s vice chancellor and leader of Social Democrats (SPD) Sigmar Gabriel branded Greece’s demand for 278.7 billion euros in reparations from World War Two as “stupid“, Reuters report on Tuesday. Gabriel’s diplomatic reaction comes a day after Greek deputy Finance Minister Dimitris Mardas said that Germany had …

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SPD MP condemns BILD campaign as Germany votes for Greece’s extension

Lawmaker Axel Schaaefer from MErkel’s coalition partner SPD went well prepared to the German Parliament today. Under his arm, he has a copy of tabloid Bild. He has already marked the newspaper’s front page promoting an anti-Greek hate-campaign with a huge, thick X. When his turn comes to join the …

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