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Patras: “Seek & Hide”, “Cut & Run” -Tragicomedy as Private Companies Cut the Power to Property Tax Dodgers

The scenes that occurred in a suburb of Patras, Peloponnese, must have had something from a tragicomic thriller with secret agents working undercover. A unit allegedly from the public power company without wearing or carrying the logo and signs of DEH went to the home of a property owner and tried …

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50K Greeks Seek Reduction or Exemption from Emergency Property Tax

Several thousands Greeks submitted application requesting to be exempted from the emergency property tax or at least pay the reduced price of o,5 euro per property square meter. According to Greek Finance Ministry Information Department 39,000 property owners have already submitted their requests electronically. Furthermore, 12,000 Greeks have made relevant requests …

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Protest Action: Greeks to Turn Off the Lights, Feb 1/12

 A protest action is scheduled for February 1st, 2012 calling all Greeks to turn off the lights from 8-8.30 pm during the prime time news. In a statement circulating on the Greek internet, the organizers declare that with this action Greeks have the possibility to say NO to price hikes …

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Greek Communist Party Prohibits Power Cuts in Households Due to Property Tax

Members of trade union PAME (Communist Party KKE) prohibited the electricity cut in ten households in Kalamata, Peloponnese, as the property owners had not paid the emergency property tax. Until now, 374 households and shops in the prefecture of Messinia are threatened with power cuts for the same reason. The …

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Do I live in Greece or in Kafka’s Castle?

I am clueless. I simply can’t decide whether it’s a kind of  limited brain capacity on my side, whether Greek journalism is bad or whether I live in a country that resembles a crazy house. A storm of circulars, amendments, back doors and exemptions, and new cuts in the welfare state have been …

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Greece’s Exemptions Criteria to Emergency Property Tax

Parents with more than three children, long time jobless and people with heavy disabilities are exempted form the emergency Property Tax or they will pat reduced prices per square meter. More specifically: Reduced prices of 0,5 euro per sq meter will pay a) Parents with more than 3 children, when …

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