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Varoufakis: “I’m finance minister in a bankrupt country”

“I’m the finance minister of a bankrupt country,” Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis told German weekly DIE ZEIT and ZEIT ONLINE in an interview full of messages and good intentions, just days before his meeting with his German counterpart, Wolfgang Schaeuble on Thursday. He promised “a big reform program” and urged …

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RT report: “Debt Drama: Was whole Greek bailout deal a failure?” (video)

Stuck in recession, plagued by soaring unemployment and suicides – the Greek plight is dragging on, sending shivers across the EU. Greece is struggling to meet the conditions of its international lenders, who are pouring billions into the ailing economy. But when will the rescue package actually work? Or has …

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It rained denials – Greek FinMin: SPIEGEL article is provocation

It rained denials on the screen of DER SPIEGEL online after a challenging and provocative article claiming that Greece considers to exit the Euro Zone and that it mulls plans for own currency.  Greek Finance Ministry denied with an official statement the claims of German weekly DER SPEGIEL that Athens considers …

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Bithikotsis: Be Patient – Dedicated to New Austerity (Greek music)

 What if a debt restructure with all its negative impact for an endless poverty for the people.. what if new austerity measures will come… One is the recipe for the future: Patience! “Be patient” is another Greek classical song in the divine music of Stavros Xarchakos and the metallic voice of Grigoris …

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Sotiria Bellou: Min Klais – Dedicated to IMF bailout countries (music video)

I just read in our FB page the worries of a Portuguese woman about the inevitable country’s bailout  by the International Monetary Fund hawks. She was wondering how doe sit look like to be in the arms of speculators… creating a post-modern lumpenproletariat in the 21st century! The old, nice, …

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