Wednesday , March 22 2023
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Greece: Default or Not Default? Drachma or Euro? Dye or Cut?

The dilemmas on Greece’s debt future seem endless: Default or Not Default? Drachma or Euro? Haircut or Extensions? With terminologies borrowed  from a hairdresser parlor around the corner and a bankers’ desk on the 245th skyscraper floor, the whole world is keep talking about Greece’s fiscal course: Survive or Fall. Economists and media are …

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Greek Financial Crisis causes Nightmares

THIS MORNING I WOKE UP SCREAMING…. I woke up screaming this morning…. I had a nightmare… I was taken “hostage” by a group of people. Were they the notorious and scary Bonds-Speculators? Were they my devoted blog-visitors?  Or even the no-returning visitors? In my dream, we were all in a …

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