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What Will Happen if Greece Leaves the Euro?

There is so much talk these days about a possible euro exit of Greece, especially under a left, anti-bailout government. I found an very interesting article about the consequences for Greece and the other Euro countries. The author, an Italian, asked several market experts on the impacts that “such a shock” would …

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BBC – Merkel Interview: Eurozone Must Avoid Greek Exit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told BBC that it would be a huge political mistake if  debt-ridden Greece was allowed to leave the eurozone. In an exclusive interview to British broadcaster, Merkel warned that the eurozone would be “incredible weakened” without Greece. She openly said that Greece has still “a long and …

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IMF Report on Greece: Growth -2%, Unemployment 18.5% for 2012

Ominous are the forecasts of the International Monatery Fund for the Greek economy and it sees no exit from the black tunnel we are in. In its Global Report – Autumn 2011, published a couple of days ago, the IMF forecast shocking data for growth and unemployment. In fact it sees …

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Is the “Euro-Drachma” a solution for Greece?

Is the “Euro-Drachma” a solution for the Greek crisis? No, not, a coin featuring Euro on one side and Drachma on the other side, as an internet user posted in a Greek economic forum. But the  Euro-Drachma would be the currency to be used for the internal trade within Greece, …

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