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VirtualDIVER: Innovative platform for underwater experience around Santorini

The innovative platform VirtualDIVER for virtual underwater experiences targeting the cultural and tourism industries has been developed in cooperation of Greek academics and private companies. VirtualDIVER will allow people to “travel” and “explore” the magical terrestrial and underwater environment of the island of Santorini, while they comfortably sit on their …

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Expats report about living in Greece: Story by Tony & Tess

Can visiting or permanently living in Greece change your life? Do you feel at home here or have problems with the different way of Greek culture? What are the biggest challenges a foreigner has to deal with when on short or long term visit? KTG asked its readers to submit …

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Jobless Diary: “Unemployed Employee” in competitive Greece, where salary not enough to cover basic expenses

While since one week the media focus on only one topic, this of the extreme-right, there are still the problems that plague the Greek society. The problems of austerity, of unemployment, of no access to health care and of not enough money to cover even basic needs. Yes, by Troika’s orders …

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How expats experience “three years Greece in the crisis” (Part XI)

Economic crisis and decreased income trigger frustration. And a never-ending struggling to make ends meet. Scratching together the last euro to come up for daily expenses, cover basic needs, children’s essentials. Economic crisis spoils the fan of life and leaves you there with an endless longing for the times that …

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How expats experience “three years Greece in the crisis” (Part VII)

Easter holidays are over, they were spent in a nice and peaceful atmosphere, I suppose and hope. Now we can comfortably return to our Greek reality, specifically to our expat stories, where foreigners write down their experience and how they come along with the Greek crisis. Three years after the …

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How expats experience “three years Greece in the crisis” (Part V)

In the series “how expats experience the Greek crisis”, KTG received another personal expat story. The story is written by somebody who built up an existence here and decided to go away, unable to survive the economic crisis. Somebody who still asks herself  three years later, whether “leaving was really …

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