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10-year bond: Greece raises €3.5bln with 4.4% interest rate

Greece on Tuesday successfully auctioned a new 10-year bond raising around 3.5 billion euros from the market with the interest rate of the issue set a 4.4%. The Public Debt Management Authority said in an announcement that investor interest in the auction was very strong with offers reaching 22 billion …

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Greece reissues 7-Year bond, raises €1.5 billion at 2.51%

A book-building process for the reissue of a 7-year bond attracted strong interest on Wednesday. Half an hour before the closure, bids were exceeding 5.8 billion euros, sources told media. Ultimately, the process concluded with the Greek state to have reportedly raised 1.5 billion euros at an interest rate of …

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Greece announces “Return to Bond Markets”, aims to raise €4.03billion

The much anticipated return to the bond markets is on. Greece’s government is returning to the financial markets for the first time since 2014. The bond sale started at 1 p.m. Monday noon July 24th. 2017. The government aims to raise some 4.03 billion euros from the auction, while the …

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Greece returns to markets with 5-year bond

Are we? Aren’t we? Will Greece issue a long-term bond on Wednesday and return to the markets after four years spent in Troika’s deep freeze? Several Greek media claim  this morning  that a 5-year bond has already been launched  and that the borrowing interest would be 5.25% and total worth …

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