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Greek author and activist Periklis Korovesis dies at 79

Author, journalist, former member of the Greek Parliament and activist Periklis Korovesis passed away at the age of 79. He was a symbol of resistance against the military junta. He became famous worldwide with his first book The Method: A Personal Account of the Tortures in Greece (Anthropofylakes in Greek …

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The Economic Scandals of the Greek Military Junta (21 April 1967)

21. April 1967: the Dark Day, when tanks rolled through the streets and the colonels imposed the dictatorship that lasted seven years. Fifty years have passed since that day, and the political narrative after 2012, i.e. when Golden Dawn started to rise, spread the fiction of the ‘economic miracle’ through …

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Nea Dimokratia MP: Colonels’ military dictatorship “was a revolution”

A political uproar has been caused by a Nea Dimokratia lawmaker who claimed that the the junta, the colonels’ military dictatorship (1967-1974)  was a revolution. Speaking to a private television channel, Dimitris Christogiannis said “at that time the junta was a revolution” and that “the junta was not the same …

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ERT shutdown: Greeks say “This is junta!”

“This is junta!” Giorgos’ comment is very clear when I ask him what does he think of ERT’s shutdown. “An overnight decision that brings totally upside down. That’s the very point: the citizen does not know what will happen to him, from one day to the next.” Giorgos, 30,  is …

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Colonel Dertilis funeral turns into a show for junta remnants

A 22-year-old man was arrested during the funeral of one of junta architects Nikolaos Dertilis on Thursday. Police arrested the man because of possession of 21 bullet shells, after gunshots were fired during the funeral to honour the deceased junta colonel. The funeral was attended by several lawmakers and supporters of extreme-right …

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Junta-Supporters in the Greek Military Academy

An uproar has been caused in Greece after the discovery ‘junta droplets*” (so the Greek press) in the Military Academy “Evelpidon”. In an unprecedented incident that took place on November 17th 2011, the chief of students of the 4th year, ordered  his co-students to sing the Hymn of 21st April 1967, the song …

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