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EU Parliament rejects law for full transparency of MEPs’ expenses

Of all political fractions in the European Parliament it was the center-right and -left that blocked transparency in the “office expenses”, a amount of €4,400, each MP receives on monthly basis. A scandal decision for an institution that claims to have the right to demand transparency in citizens and business finances. …

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Olli Rehn: Greek haircut did not happen in 2010 in order to save European banks and EU member states

It’s official! What we thought and reported about back in 2010 and 2011 about why there was no haircut of Greek debt, it’s been now officially confirmed by EU commissioner Olli Rehn. “Greek debt did not undergo restructuring ( haircut ) in 2010,  in order to avoid contagion of the …

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European Parliament points conflict of interest within the Troika of IMF, EU, ECB

The European Commission and the European Central Bank had conflicting interests when they acted within the troika of international lenders in bailed out countries, Members of European Parliament say. Othmar Karas and Liem Hoang Ngoc, the two MEPs tasked with looking at the problems surrounding the work of the so-called …

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Retired Greek MPs & MEPs cost taxpayers €1.5 million per month

It’s not a secret that members of the Parliament, whether national or European, have a good time. Good salaries, benefits and juicy pensions. Even if they served “country and the public interest” for only two legislative periods. that is a maximum of 8 years. Of course, MPs and MEPs are …

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