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Shipwreck: Desperate relatives seek for their beloved ones in Greece

With pictures on their mobiles or at hand, relatives and friends are desperately searching among the fishing boat survivors for their beloved ones. They have traveled from several countries to Greece to seek for their people with whom they lost contact since Wednesday, June 16, when the fishing boat capsized …

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Matted dog Loukoumakis rescued in Athens wildfires seeks forever home

Loukoumakis is the dog that survived the hell in Athens wildfires and his story touched millions of people in Greece and around the world. One can hardly recognize that the small vivid dog is the same who was found a week ago in an outdoor oven in an desperate situation: …

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Greek gov’t seeks military camp to serve as prison for state debtors

Gradually, Greece turns into the 21st century version of the dark and gloomy world of Charles Dickens: with households burning wood for heating,  with workers working for nothing, … and to put the icing on the Greek cake, soon also with debtors’ prisons.  What we reported in January, turns into reality: tax prisons! The government seeks …

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Crete: school boy digs in garbage bin for food

When a picture says 1,000 words, no further explanation is needed. However many times there is an interesting background. The picture below shows a young boy digging in a garbage bin in Heraklio, Crete. It was not clear who shot the picture but a school yard fence seems close. Neither …

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