Gasoline Fraud: the Party goes on…

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 We have seen this film before… That gasoline stations owners cheat their customers by tank filling. Now a research conducted by the Athens Polytechnic University found out that 10% of the pumps at service stations are “tweaked”. The Ministry of Development seems to agree with the findings even though the officials said that there is no indisputable evidence.

During a press conference the deputy Minister of Development and the general secratary stressed that  “In the times we  live in, such behavior is unthinkable fraud and theft against the consumer. Criminal penalties, heavy fines and permanent removal of the license is what the law provides for the few wrongdoers”

The officials urged the consumers to check exactly how much gasoline fits in their tanks in order to avoid being cheated.

I remember very well a relevant article we posted in Keep Talking Greece  “Greece: Fraudsters cheat by filling fuel in vehicles’s tanks “ on December 2010.
Today, authorities caught another petrol station owner cheating on his customers. Permanent removal of the licence” seem to me to be only constructive solution…
Especially with prices over € 1,7 /l  for uleaded gasoline  in Greek islands like Kefallonia, Samos etc.