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Greek Fin Min: assets of 70 tax offices employees under investigation

Greek Finance Ministry is investigating the assets of about 70 employees, who declared an average income of €50,000 but were found out to possess real estate properties worth 800,000 to 3 million euros,  newspaper Ethnos  reported on its Sunday edition. 

Furthermore 234 FinMin employees seem to have never submitted an income tax declaration, while complaints about perjury tax officials has risen sharply.

Ministry officials revealed that it is not certain that all those officials found guilty of misconduct get punished. Now the officials state that the employees under current investigation will be  object to ‘sanctions’ even to dismissal from work if they will be found guilty.

The last case of corruption in the Tax Department refers to 10 high ranks officials who  allegedly had been writing off tax debts of companies to the state.

As many Greeks, me included, are fed up of reading about reports on  ‘suspect cases of state employees who are under investigation” but the results get lost in the flow of history, a friend of mine proposed a simple but very effective remedy: Get them, Fire them, Confiscate their assets & properties -and publish their names, as well!


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