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Greek Defence Ministry: No participation in operations outside the NATO

 As the NATO is still struggling to take a decision for a participation of the No Fly Zone over Libya, Greece makes clear it is not participating in military operations outside the NATO and reiterates that it will do so only under the umbrella of the North Atlantic Alliance. Greek Ministry of Defence said in a statement that:

“At  bilateral level, Greece responds to requests from friends and allied countries to provide facilities of supportive character. Greece has declared to the NATO and in the context of its own planning the availability of  the base at Souda bay and additionally the two airports of Aktio and Andravida,the frigate, that since days is at the sea area between Crete and Libya with its helicopter, and one radar aircraft”. (Syntax, gentlemen, syntax!)

The Ministry of Defence stresses that currently Greece is not participating in military operations that are not carried out within the NATO.

Military Buildup

According to latest – officially unconfirmed – information:

– 6-8 Belgian F-16 are stationed at the Araxos air base.

– USA, UK, Belgium and Norway (six F-16)  have requested permits for the landing of  fighter jets and helicopters.

– Six Mirage 2000 from Qatar and six Mirage 2000 from France have requested refuelling permits.

– US navy fleet oiler USS Kanawha and  USS Robert E. Peary are at Souda bay.

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