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Tragedy with Immigrants off Preveza – One child dead, one missing

A man and an eight year old boy were recovered dead from the sea are of  Nicopolis bay in Preveza, West Greece. Another boy, allegedly the twin brother of the dead has been missing. The Coast Guard had rushed to the area after being informed about an overturned boat. Twenty two people were rescued so far. The boat was carrying illegal immigrants and was sailing towards Italy. 

 The immigrants were rescued and transferred to the old town hall of a nearby city.

The owner of the boat and captain of the horror trip was a 52-year-old  Preveza resident, who was arrested by the police.

The incident happened in the early morning hours of Wednesday.

According to some Greek media, the immigrants had paid 5,000 euro per person in order to reach Italy. The immigrants were from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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  1. Let us pray the b*****d who captained this boat and is responsible for the deaths is convicted and imprisoned for manslaughter, no paying off the sentence, make an example of him and hopefully deter others from this exploitative and criminal activity.