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Daily Archives: September 24, 2011

50% Greek “Haircut” or German Rescue Plan with “Treuhand”?

While the scenarios over the weekend claim a Greek haircut of 50% and the most odious preconditions with more austerity measures and the Troika be seated in Athens for a decade,  Greek Finance Minister EvangelosVenizelos meets with German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble in Washington. Tomorrow he will hold meetings with IMF-Chief Christine …

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Athens-Acropolis: Bazaar for Stray & Abandoned Cats, Sept 25

How about a nice walk in the city’s most beautiful street at the feet of Acropolis and some charity? Tomorrow Sunday, September 25th 2011 in Athens? Animal Welfare Society Nine Lives organizes a Bazaar for the benefits of stray and abandoned cats in Greece’s capital. The bazaar takes place from …

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Fake Clowns Seek 15 sec of Fame with Greek Crisis

I have been in a dilemma for quite some time now, as to whether I should post about some prominent or totally unknown clowns around Europe who misuse Greece’s financial situation to gain their 15 seconds of fame. Just recently I read about a German tax consultant who tried to cross …

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Hackers Post Greek Flag on Piri Reis Route on MarineTraffic (exclusive picture)

This morning Greeks were desperately trying to find the exact position of Turkish hydrocarbon research vessel Piri Reis on Marine, the vessel traffic service. On some pc screens the site appeared to be down. However one – or maybe more- were lucky to get a screen shot from the hacked page. …

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