Athens: Riot Police Kicks even Famous Riot Dog ‘Loukanikos’

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After the ugly scenes of riot police beating civilians and photo-reporters and throwing tear-gas at the Metro entrance during the Wednesday protests in Athens, a picture this morning adds the icing on the top of police violence. A riot policeman kicks even a harmless animal … the world famous riot dog Loukanikos!

 A ‘robocop’ kicks Loukanikos

Loukanikos is a 6 year-old stray that has gained world fame as the riot dog of Athens. He appears at every protest, barking and jumping around between tear-gas, flares, fire bombs, hurled stones and clubs. Loukanikos or Louk but with real name “Thodoris” seems addicted to trouble. Even when he watches riots on TV, he gets alarmed, starts barking, wondering “why am I not there?”.

Yesterday, Loukanikos had a great performance as the front-line riot dog. There was hardly a video or a picture without a tail, an ear or even a loud barking.

According to exclussive information of KTG, Loukanikos survived the kick without any visible or invisible damage, he is fine and enjoyed his breakfast this morning.

A video Collage

Λουκάνικος / Greece's front-line riot dog by babisflou