Life is Boring without Papandreou…

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I have to admit it! Journalist-Life is boring without George Papandreou. We miss his erratic and flaky decisions, his talent for stirring up things and his famous verbal slip-ups. However as leader of PASOK and president of Socialist International he is still a welcome guest in international meetings and political parties congresses around the world.

German Greens invited him last week in Kiel where they held their party congress. After talking about nice things like “democracy in Europe”, “Green development” and “Mulitculture”, the German Greens gave green Papandreou … something Green!

A  duck! A …plastic duck! A green plastic duck! Hopefully the duck was made of recycled material….

Delighted to have a duck! Photo from Frankfurter Rundschau “Papandreou with triumphant comeback” (?)

More about Papandreou’s appearance in Kiel in DER SPIEGEL: Papandreou bring Glamour… 

PS Has anyone seen our new PM Lukas Papademos around?