Greek Elections – Secret Opinion Polls: Anger and Panic

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Just one week before the May 6th elections and people seem unstoppably angry about the two big parties (socialist PASOK, conservative Nea Dimokratia). The parties themselves are allegedly in panic, while pollsters are puzzled over the blurre political climate.

Sunday newspaper Proto Thema revealed that the rolling public opinion surveys that are conducted on a daily basis reaffirm the political climate and the voters’ intentions as this climate was recorded before the ban of publication of opinion polls, two weeks before the elections.

The secret opinion polls show that PASOk and Nea Dimokratia keep on moving on relative low levels, with the gap between these two parties to close. Furthermore PASOK seems unable to keep its voters from escaping to left parties like SYRIZA and Democratic Left.

The newspaper writes, the voters’ intentions for PASOK and ND hardly exceed together 30%, while the parties struggle to get 40%.

In some electoral departments, like the 2nd district of Athens, the biggest in Greece, ND comes 3rd party and PASOK fifth, while impressive is the voters’ preference towards SYRIZA, Communist KKE and nationalist Independent Greeks.

In two of the rolling pools, PASOKseems to have lost 60% of its power towards SYRIZA and Democratic Left, primarily- and Social Alliance (former PASOK officials) and EcoGreens.

Nea Dimokratia loses voters to Independent Greeks.

Impressive to shocking are the opinion polls for extreme right Chrysi Avgi which records 6%-9% in Western Greece and Western Macedonia, gaining voters from far-right LAOS.

Before the opinion polls ban, Papademos coalition government partners were getting : ND 17.7% – 25.5%, PASOK 12%-19%. Coalition partner for short time LAOS was getting 4%.

SYRIZA 12%, Independent Greeks 8%-10%, KKE 9%, Democratic Left 8%, Chrysi Avgi 5%. Polls were showing EcoGreens and Democratic Alliance as struggling to pass the 3% threshold and enter the parliament.