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Daily Archives: May 30, 2012

Fun Side of Greek Opinion Polls: ND 24.5% – SYRIZA 24.5%

THIS we haven’t seen before: a complete tied result between the parties that come first in public opinion polls. According to public opinion poll conducted by Pulse RC for the political weekly TO PONTIKI in the ‘voting intention’ : ND 24.5% – SYRIZA 24.5% – PASOK 13.5% -INDEPENDENT GREEKS 7%, KKE 5% …

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Tear Gas in Thessaloniki, Firemen Protest in Athens

If you think Greeks sit at home and quietly await for the elections, you’re wrong. Here and there people go on the streets, protest and demonstrate, and some even get teargassed. On Wednesday morning, clashes between protesters and police occurred outside the city hall of Thessaloniki when municipality workers gathered …

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Barroso-Papademos Hand-in-Hand Against Tsipras?

Why did Jose Manuel Barroso threaten Greece with euro exit right after May 6 elections? Reuters claims that the president of the European Commission made this statement after caretaker prime minister Lucas Papademos asked him to do so – in an effort to build a dam against Alexis Tsipras. According …

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Debts, Unemployment: Greek Hangs Himself in Public Park

Another name is being added to the long list of Greeks crushed by the economic crisis, the nightmare of debts, unemployment and lack of income sources. Alexandros, a 60-year-old man, hanged himself on Wednesday morning at a public park, just a couple of meters away from his home in Nikaia suburb …

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Greek June Elections: Conservative ND Leads With 23.4% in Latest Public Opinion Poll

Conservative Nea Dimocratia leads in the latest public opinion poll conducted by GPO for Mega TV. When asked what party they will vote for at June 17 elections, respondents answered: ND 23.4% – SYRIZA 22.1% – PASOK 13.5% – INDEPENDENT GREEKS 7.4% – KKE 5.9% – DEMOCRATIC LEFT 5.1% -CHRYSI …

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