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Greek June Elections: SYRIZA Leads With 30% in Public Opinion Poll

Greek voters are very confused. And frustrated. And they tend to change their mind at least twice per day depending on the economic news, the panic creating policies of national and international “Cassandras”, the latest bill from the tax office…

According to the public opinion poll conducted by VPRC for weekly magazine “EPIKAIRA”:


The question was posed as “estimation of the elections influence”…

To the question as “who is the most appropriate prime minister” Samaras, Venizelos and Tsipras get each 15% and secure the …second position. Because 31% of the respondents answered “Nobody”.

source: Proto Thema

In another poll conducted by the Patras University, the difference between SYRIZA and ND is 10 percent!
SYRIZA 26.2% – ND 15.2% -PASOK 11.7% – CHRYSI AVGI 8.7% -KKE 5.6% – INDEPEND GREEKS 5.4% -DRASI/CREATION AGAIN 4.3% -DEM LEFT 3.8%
This poll was conducted May 22-29/2012 through random telephone calls across the country and voluntarily online voting. Full poll The

PS I do believe the June 7 elections could end up in surprise again…

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  1. The Greek people have been bombared by Armageddon scenarios (eg the dire descriptions on Mega channels would make anyone cringe in fear) and daily dsscription of how terrible a return to the drachma could be (didn’t Greeks have the drachma for almost two centuries?)

    But it would be terrible if the markets succeeded in changing the views of the Greek people in support of the pro-Memorandum parties. Because we all know what this means for Greece: more austerity even if it has been proven unsuccessful to keep the debts low in every country they were implemented, more job losses, more business closures, more homeless and most importantly the firesale of the Greek public assets amidst record low prices in the stock market.

    Even the reform of the tax system that one could say that is necessary, should not be completed in the short time assigned by troika and without a proper discussion in the Parliament as it is such an important bill.

    Yesterday, important people from around the world gathered around Samaras even though he is not the prime minister yet. And according the ‘Ta Nea’ paper, these important people want him to fast track the Foreign Inestments in Greece.

    Now of course that most small to medium sized entrepreneurs have been knocked out of the game.

  2. And to make my point above clear, Syriza does not advocate for a return to the drachma. They want easier, more viable terms for the Greek economy so it can make it inside the euro and escape the contraction spiral.

    My own opinion is, however, that staying in the euro is a death sentence for the Greek economy and Greece will be forced to leave the eurozone sooner or later. But this is me, of course.

  3. Of course, a lot expect Greece to go bankrupt to buy up cheap. The thing is the EU policies are pushing Greece into bankruptcy and default.

    Here is a page that shows how investors are lurking for the fall in order to divide the country between the vultures.

    Buying up cheap is every capitalist’s wet dream!