Sunday , March 26 2017
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Greek Gov’t Hires an Army of 49 General Secretaries

A miracle happened overnight. The Greek government swelled and doubled itself.. After several days of consultations between the coalition government partners Nea Dimocratia, PASOK and Democratic Left, the names of the General Secretaries assigned to the country’s ministries were announced:

An army of 49 people!  9 more than the 40 ministers. The ministry that is most challenged at the times of austerity and bailout, the Finance, has just 4 General Secretaries, while the Development Ministry has ten. Another ministry that has to deal with difficult issues, the Health Ministry, has 2 G.S., while the Education has four.

ABC of Expenditure Cuts

I remember to have read somewhere, that the Troika wanted to cancel the positions of the the general secretaries….

PS The state still provides work places. However the situation is not too bad.  They could be 50!

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  1. 49 extra people to ensure smooth government? I sense the makings of many arguments here…