Greek Veterinarians Association Goes for Inititiative to Sterilize Stray Animals

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 Finally! The Panhellenic Veterinary Association decided to invite its members and create a network of volunteers to carry out sterilizations to stray animals. You can print the press release and ask your vet to join this wonderful initiative. 

P.K.S: Organization Veterinarians network of volunteers to carry out sterilization of stray animals
In a commendable effort made by the Panhellenic Veterinary Association following a press release issued on 18. July2012, invites its members to participate in creating a network of volunteer veterinarians to sterilize stray animals.
Further the press release states:
… According to the decision of the thesis the P.K.S. (Π.Κ.Σ.) A committee which will arrange for the organization and operation of a volunteer veterinarians to carry out sterilization of animals.
Committee-members responsible for this initiative are: Trachili Athina, Agathangelidis Kyriakos, Tsipianitis Errikos, Polyzois Ioannis, Piperakis Giorgos.
Veterinarians who are interested to participate, please contact the secretariat of P.K.S (210-5202901, 210-5226769).

Bravo 🙂