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Greek Veterinarians Association Goes for Inititiative to Sterilize Stray Animals

 Finally! The Panhellenic Veterinary Association decided to invite its members and create a network of volunteers to carry out sterilizations to stray animals. You can print the press release and ask your vet to join this wonderful initiative. 

P.K.S: Organization Veterinarians network of volunteers to carry out sterilization of stray animals
In a commendable effort made by the Panhellenic Veterinary Association following a press release issued on 18. July2012, invites its members to participate in creating a network of volunteer veterinarians to sterilize stray animals.
Further the press release states:
… According to the decision of the thesis the P.K.S. (Π.Κ.Σ.) A committee which will arrange for the organization and operation of a volunteer veterinarians to carry out sterilization of animals.
Committee-members responsible for this initiative are: Trachili Athina, Agathangelidis Kyriakos, Tsipianitis Errikos, Polyzois Ioannis, Piperakis Giorgos.
Veterinarians who are interested to participate, please contact the secretariat of P.K.S (210-5202901, 210-5226769).

Bravo 🙂

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  1. Ah, at last! Very good, necessary and positive action to help those poor little (and bigger) strays.
    My own dog was a stray. And to our surprise wasn’t even neutered when we got him from the local sylogo. They would round up strays and give them all their shots, but not neuter them. No, they said, it is against the law… or something.
    Let’s hope it is a success and the beginning of a more animal friendly practice.

  2. Forreign vets been doing this for years discretely on Greek islands etc,

  3. keeptalkinggreece

    sure, it’s high time that our would do something as well 🙂