Papachristou: Greek Athlete Expelled From London Olympics 2012 Due to Racist Comment

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A  racist comment was posted by Greek Triple Jump Champion Voula Papachristou in her Twitter account. A storm of angry reactions broke within minutes in the Greek social media with many internet users calling her a “Nazi” and “Chrysi Avgi supporter” and asking the Greek Olympic Committee to expel her.

The outcry was so strong that even coalition government partner Democratic Left to demand her expulsion from the Greek Olympics Team. The tweet, only two days before the start of the Summer Olympic Games 2012 in London certainly does not comply with the Olympic Spirit, does it?

 Tweet posted 23. July 2012 “With so many Africans in Greece… At least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat home made food!!!”

When the storm broke, Papachristou posted another tweet apologizing for her comment even though with some grammar misspelling.

Tweet posted 25.July 2012: “I apologize if I insulted people! I have no mingling with politics!!! I am only Athlete!!”

The issue got political when Democratic Left issued a statement asking her expulsion:

“Racist humor and “jokes” concerning human lives are not tolerated by the Greek society,  can not thrive in Greek athletics. The least the  Greek Olympic Committee can do now is to revoke Ms Voula Papachristou from the Olympic Games. Watching the Olympics on TV screen, she could do as many vile “jokes” she wants through the social media. But for sure, she can not represent Greece in London.”

Voula Papachristou is a triple jump champion and member of the Greek team currently in London for the Summer Olympics Games 2012.

According to latest information, Greek Olympic Committee decided to expel Papachristou from the Olympic Games 2012. According to, despite her apologies and explanations, the president of the committee Isidoros Kouvelos took a decision, negative for the participation of  Papachristou in London. The news portal reports that an official announcement is expected to be issued by the GOC.

UPDATE: 04:25 p.m. President of Greek Olympics Committee Isidoros Kouvelos confirmed at Skai TV the expulsion of Voula Papachristou. She is due to leave London for Athens. And say Goodbye to her dream due to a ‘stupid joke’ as she said…

The West Nile virus is a disease transmitted by mosquitoes of African origin. The disease can be fatal to some humans. This summer one man died and more than 180 were infected in Athens.