EOPYY Phone-Number for Doctors’ Appointment To Change as of August 6/2012

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The telephone number of National Organisation for Health Care Services (EOPYY) is due to change as of August 6, 2012. Instead of <184> insurers will have to call <14884> or <14900>. At the same time the phone call fees will be raised from 0,03€ per call now to 1,08 euro for 14884 and 1,08 euro for 14900. For calls from mobiles getting an appointment with a doctor will be even more expensive: 1,18 euro per minute.

Athens Medical Doctors Association protested already for the fee hikes saying the calls for a doctor’s appoitment become ‘gold’.

Why the phone calls fees are raised? Because somebody needs money, I suppose, and thinks to rip off low-pensioners and chronic ill from their last euro coins. S_H_A_M_E!