Paros: Police Arrests Assaulter of Teenager Girl; Illegal Immigrant from Pakistan Confesses the Crime

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Greek police announced the arrest of a man of Pakistani origin as the assaulter of the teenager girl that was brutally beaten almost two weeks ago in Nea Chrysi Akti beach. The culprit was identified through a double DNA test on a sample found on the body and the clothes of the unlucky girl and the man’s saliva.

The Pakistani confessed his heinous act on Saturday afternoon.

According to police, the man confessed that he originally wanted to steal the girl’s mobile but as she resisted he beat her with a rock. The girl fainted, he sexually abused her and beat her again against the rocks.

The severly abused girl was found about an hour after the assault, laying on the rocks of Chrysi Akti. She was rushed to an Athens hospital.

The man, an illegal immigrant, was working at a tourist facility. He returned to his work and continued his life as if nothing had happened. However as police increased its presence on the island and even called on locals and tourists to assist, the man apparently felt he could be caught. Six days later, he left the island and fled to Greece’s capital Athens.

Police located the culprit among thousands of illegal immigrants in Athens with the aid of technology (located his mobile) and the active cooperation by other immigrants. He was arrested in the early morning hours of Saturday in Nea Chalkidona suburb of Athens, together with two other compatriots, also illegal immigrants.

Police “Cleans” Athens

At the same time and obviously to prohibit retaliation actions by certain anit-immigrant groups, Greek police started a “sweeping operation” in downtown Athens. More than 1,500 illegal immigrants were detained by the police and were transported to migrants’ centres in order to be deported from Greece. 

The case of the assault on the teenager has shocked the Greek public opinion. The girl is still hospitalised in coma.

After police announcement on Saturday, extreme-right party Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) issued a statement:

“Enough with illegal immigrants! The horrible crime against a minor Greek was committed again by an illegal immigrant. The need for  multiple deterrence measures is immediate. Any crime committed by an illegal alien must be statutory. Whoever talks about racism, should host the criminals at his home. The only racism that exists, is the racism against the Greeks.”

Minister for Citizen Protection Nikos Dendias told reporters that illegal immigrants’ detention and deportation will continue until the centre of Athens is “clean.”

It needed the abused body of a teenager girl for the Ministry to finaly take action and try to control the illegal immigration issue. *sigh*