In August, There Are No News…Except “The Efforts of the Government”

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Dear KTG-ians, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announce that “there are no news” worth to report about! It’s middle of August, one day before the holiday of Virgin Mary, and everybody is gone. Gone for vacation. Or hidden at home to ‘hide’ one has no money for vacation. Shops are closed. I can hardly find a bakery to buy fresh bread in our neighborhood.

Temperature rose again with the effect that the streets are abandoned. Last time I saw a stray cat was…. early in the morning.

Even politicians have escaped to their elections area or went as far as they could, away from their voters. Especially the government officials who can not justify the upcoming measures-tsunami of 11.5 billion euro. The upcoming horizontal cuts that they will do happen despite the promises before the elections.

This juicy bill will be given to the people by end of August, it is said.

The majority of the Greek media report about the (unconfirmed) upcoming austerity measures with horror scenarios about sharp cuts in pensions, wages and  health care.

At the same time we are bombarded with “the government efforts“. It’s weird and it should be a research worth by any linguist or communicator:

How many times per day, does the Greek TV viewer have to hear about “the government efforts” to be convinced our Greek government is working and not just lazying around?

Most paradox is that while we hear about “the efforts of the government”, we also read and see pictures of the government showing this political leader reads the newspaper on a summer house, or the other political leader is packing for that place. Or a third one combining a political tour with relaxing opportunities. 

The standard phrase begins with “the efforts of the government/officials/minister” … and it continues “to find equivalent measures” or “to fill the gaps in the package of 11.5 billion euro”. And then…TSAK! 

The phrase “the efforts of the government” normally ends in astronomic – for our ears-  austerity digits hurled right to our face and we start adding together how much our income will decrease and how much we have to pay in extra euro to get what it used to be the obvious… a descent living.

However, we get the message: “the efforts of the government”, a government that looks as if it is permanently struggling to find solutions for the country, but not for its citizens.

Efforts of the government? We need results! And these results will most likely end in no positive result for us, the average and common people.

PS Tired by the efforts of the government and exhausted by the continuous summer heat, I think I’m gonna pack my luggage and there I’ll go to relax on a Greek island for ac ouple of days. But no worries, I’m not going tomorrow. So I might find still a couple of things to post on KTG  🙂