Olli Rehn: Greece Has Achieved More Than Is Often Realized

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Greeks should be proud! For the compliments made by EU Commissioner for Monetary Affairs, Olli Rehn. In an article he wrote for Wall Street Journal about the euro crisis, Olli Rehn wrote among others:

“Over the last two years, Europe has made remarkable progress in addressing these imbalances. Consider the three euro-zone countries under full economic adjustment programs:

  • Ireland has been able to re-access the markets earlier than envisaged.
  • Portugal is seeing stronger-than-expected export growth, which is helping to offset weaker domestic demand.

And even in Greece, more has been achieved than is often realized. The current Greek government is committed to reforms and enjoys broad parliamentary backing. Negotiations are ongoing over the future of the Greek economic adjustment program.”

In his article “How We’ll Build European Monetary Union/Europe is committed to building a genuine economic union to strengthen our existing monetary union,”, Olli Rehn wrote that “the euro zone is at a decisive juncture, not only in its three-year-old debt crisis but in its 13-year-old history.”

I assume, the EU Commissioner wants to promote his achievements for whatever possible reason.

 Olli Rehn can be proud to have achieved goals that have impoverished large parts of the EU population.

 I doubt, he has any idea, how people live, struggle and try to make ends meet, anyway.

Rehn’s Full Article Here