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Greek Beauty Contest: “Miss Crisis 2012”

Traditional beauty contest titles like “Miss Beauty”, “Miss Smile” and “Miss Thigh” are passe. In times of austerity and recession the organizers of a beauty contest in Artemida, in Attica, decided to be creative and original. So they voted and gave the title to “Miss Crisis 2012”.

Anastasia Katmerdzi, 19, is the proud and ambitious winner of the beauty contest. She wants to be a singer…

Organizers did not elaborate, which specific crisis they had in mind.  “Miss Greek Crisis”? “Miss Euro Crisis”? “Miss Identity Crisis”? Or just “Miss Crisis” in general.

PS We definitely need humour to overcome any crisis whatsoever…

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  1. “Organizers did not elaborate, which specific crisis they had in mind”

    Victorian euphamism ?

  2. A ‘photographers crisis’ is more to the point. Everything about these photos screams ‘CRISIS’! One hard flash resulting in ‘beautiful’ harsh shadows. And WTF did they do to that poor girls arm???!!! Suggesting that she won because one arm is missing a part? And on an other photo on that ‘great’ site it looks like she has her private parts in her arm pit…
    Crisis indeed. 😆

  3. If she wants to be a singer, why doesn’t she sing instead taking part in “crisis” events. Loads of appropriate songs for any crisis…

  4. And this is my all time favourite Crisis song. With apologies to all those who are vertically challenged 🙂


  5. keeptalkinggreece

    I was expecting ‘always look at the bright side of life’ lol

  6. Ah yes, Brian is indeed up there too. The day is looking good. Sun is shining, just got news that another financial institution ceased to exist, so all is well. Did anybody ever tell this girl about dying hair roots? Or is that the “Crisis”?
    Just had my fourth cup of tea…:)

  7. Crisis? What crisis? http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f5/Supertramp_-_Crisis.jpg

    And I just read that the Social Democrats in my other country plan to keep the majority stake in the nationalized ABN-AMRO bank. Good? Well, the public paid 30 billion to bail those bankster out and promised to sell the bank later to get that 30 billion in taxpayers money back with interest. So they put in one of their own as CEO (Gerrit Zalm although a conservative liberals who got us into the euro but former political boss of the then Finance minister, the Social Democrat Wouter Bos) and now the current Social Democrats leader is telling us those 30 billion “…is not my primary concern” He wants one Corporate bank (ING), one cooperative bank (RABO) and one big public bank (ABN-AMRO). Statism is back with a vengeance it seems. Or they desperately need big companies to park their political cronies?
    And I did not have my second coffee of the morning yet…

  8. I love this buying and selling of banks. They’re all bankrupt, don’t want to admit to it, people are screwed right left and centre in order to keep the charade going, and the boys just keep apying themselves massive wages for “a job well done”.
    Just heard from a few different British people living here that RBS is finally being sold off. After the British taxpayer putting a few billion into it to “save” the bank which is of course “systemic”. And the buyer? Apparently Santander, who are just after helping bring the Spanish economy to it’s knees and getting a slice of 100 Billion bailout from the Spanish Government…
    You’ll need more than a second cup of coffee, and Miss Crisis 2012 still needs to do her ROOTS….

  9. keeptalkinggreece

    if Miss Crisis 2012 had no hair roots to do, she would be Miss No-Crisis 2062. It’s symbolism, Ephilant, symbolism.

  10. Ah. But she still looks a mess…:)

  11. keeptalkinggreece

    yes, but still she is a Miss – in contrast to me, for example.
    PS I could start a new Blog “Miss Blogger 2012” lol

  12. A “Miss” lasts until the next one comes along. But once a lady, always a lady…:)

  13. Really?! Santander is buying RBS? That’s crazy! ABN-AMRO was bought by RBS, Santander and Fortis. Fortis went belly-up and… Well it’s a long story. You can read it here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ABN_AMRO
    But fact is that non of the banks and their political friends have learned anything from the past. Nor do their journalistic cronies…
    (Nice extra: if you can manage to understand this same lemma in Dutch http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/ABN_AMRO_Group_N.V. through Google Translate you will see that those versions do not match. Different emphasis.)

  14. Let’s start a “Miss KTG 2012” contest! 😆

  15. keeptalkinggreece

    AAAAAHAHAHA! or/and Mister KTG 2012!

  16. Guys, I spot no cellulite in her thighs; so – IMHO – elected beauty as “Miss Crisis 2012” is not eligible for this contest at all.

  17. keeptalkinggreece

    crisis goes together with cellulite?

  18. Isn’t it a long story for all of them, not just RBS? The bottomline is that they are all corrupt to the core, and completely bankrupt. but of course, that can not be said, and banks are not allowed to fail. If one fails and the taxpayers aren’t bullying and blackmailed into once again coughing up billions to bail them out, the whole lot goes, one after the other. Like dominoes.
    And here we are, on a post about important things like ROOTS, cellulite, Miss KTG, etc, talking about such mundane things like banks. We really should get our priorities right. So, any candidates for Mr Crisis 2012?

  19. keeptalkinggreece

    right priorities is the A & O.

  20. Although there is a financial crisis in Greece, there certainly is no crisis of beauty as women like her exist in every corner of Greece. Literally gorgeous women all over the country, but many without the needed personality of humility that usually comes with a beauty queen.

  21. For tens of millions of women in nearly every country in the world the number one cosmetic concern is orange skin aka cellulite. Ask Britney Spears how she feels about her own crisis… sniff sniff.

  22. giaoýrti giaoyrtáki

    By referring to the “world” you mean the minority of the first world that lives because the majority dies.